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Digital Portal is owned company by experts who have been in the e-gov services industry since 2017. The company establishes business relationships with operators, consumers, merchants and vendors networks, financial institutions and infrastructure providers. Digital India plays a critical role ensuring the success of the system, allowing to all parties to maximize the benefits.

Digital Portal is a allied services provider company that offers e-governance services , high successful electronic payment solutions and services for telecommunications operators, utility operators within the region.

Digital Portal brings in a great opportunity for retailer to make use of various web based services to serve their clients with a low investment cost Digital Portal

Digital Portal provides consumers this convenience by creating a franchise network of conventional mom and pop stores located in the consumer's neighborhood. These franchisees are equipped with a multifunctional terminal, which is connected to the service providers' servers and executes transactions on a real-time basis. Digital Portal has contractual agreements with service providers and is authorized to issue legally valid reservations and receipts to consumers.

Digital Portal